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The Loving Care Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Tips for Caregivers of People with Dementia

By Manas Ananda

September 28,2021

     At Loving Home Care, we understand that caring for someone with dementia can be overwhelming. Changes in thinking, reasoning, and remembering create new challenges that affect their daily life. To improve the quality of care that our clients receive, we've compiled a list of tips from The US Department of Health and Human Services. These tips range from everyday care and communication, to activities, safety, and self care.

     Though the level of care our clients require may change throughout the course of time, many of the everyday tasks will stay the same. Try to maintain a routine, but be prepared to adapt to changes in their abilities. Plan activities, and try to do them at the same time everyday. When assisting with personal care, encourage them to do as much as possible while being gentle and respectful. Tell them what you are going to do, step by step when bathing and dressing.

     Communication breakdown over time can lead to agitation and anger. It's important to reassure the person that their concerns are being heard. Speak calmly and allow them to keep as much control over their life as possible. Encourage them to remain active by maintaining consistent activities such as household chores and exercise. When considering safety in the home, remove hazards and add features to improve their independence. Make sure that all of the rooms and outdoor living spaces have good lighting and remove tripping hazards such as loose cords and small rugs. If you have stairs, consider adding carpet or safety grips and make sure there is at least one handrail.

     Often times, caregivers are overworked and it's important to remember to take time for yourself. Don't hesitate to reach out to your support system which may include friends, families, and co-workers. Try to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Take breaks and practice meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to reduce stress and contribute to your wellbeing. Remember, to effectively care for another, you must also care for yourself. Check out this link for more great tips for caregivers and families of people with dementia.